Motivation theory of kfc

The challenges and the result. As this project aimed to gain information about a number of factors related to productivity and motivation from various employees in a specified time periods, a mailed questionnaire survey was the selected methodology for primary research.

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Motivation – Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory

The first priority of workers is their survival. Something in him kept telling him that there was a way out. The important consideration for managers is that they must provide rewards to their employees that both come from the organization and from doing the work itself.

However, job enrichment works the best when it is used to compensate poor feedback and reward systems Griffin, ; Cotton, ; Robbins et al, and Morgeson et al, Cross-training, job enrichment, and special assignments are popular methods for making work more rewarding.

Security Needs stable physical and emotional environment issues such as benefits, pension, safe work environment, and fair work practices 3.

For work rewards to be meaningful, they must come both from the organization and from the work itself. Also, employees will revert to satisfying their lowest level needs when these needs are no longer met or are threatened such as during an economic downturn.

I find this matter to be very disturbing. Maslow understood these truths and this is the beauty of his theory of motivation.

People will make you feel like crap but only if you let them. Research Approach The research methodology used in this study has been based on both primary and secondary research methodology.

This is great for KFC because they do not have to pay so much for their production costs. As shown in Figure 2 below, satisfaction and dissatisfaction are not opposite of each other according to this theory.

So an employee, whether dissatisfied or not dissatisfied with the work conditions or relations with the seniors, can be satisfied with his or her growth and recognition in the organisation and his or her motivation level may be very high.

Robbins et al also reveal that employee involvement and engagement in decision making helps motivate them by enhancing their autonomy and control over their work and lives.

The KFC Story – Motivation

Informants can fill in the information at their convenience and do not hesitate to reveal even some confidential facts which they might hide in a face-to-face interview. Will the raise we received 3 years ago motivate us for the next 10 years. Physiological Needs basic issues of survival such as salary and stable employment 2.

The KFC Story – Motivation

Job enrichment can help reduce absenteeism and as a result turnover costs are decreased. Some elements such as sociability and solidarity issues in relation to research area could not be investigated because of time constraints leaving this area vacant for future research.

Primary Research Beg and Mirza advise that using primary sources to collect the data should be preferred as far as possible.

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The data thus obtained is used to carry out a critical assessment and evaluation of the research issue Marschan-Piekkari and Welch, Click To Tweet Higher Level Needs With these needs satisfied, an employee will want his higher level needs of esteem and self-actualization met.

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The two-factor theory also known as motivation-hygiene theory Herzberg et al, reveal that a satisfied employee in the organisation may be dissatisfied but this dissatisfaction does not affect the motivation level.

As a result autonomy and responsibility for employees increases and thus job satisfaction is increased Dalton and Mesch, ; Kush and Stroh, and Golden, L.

Kfc Employees Motivation. Motivation What is motivation? Motivation is difficult to explain and even harder to "turn on" in people. Theory Motivation is a psychological feature that arouses an individual to act towards a desired goal and elicits controls and sustains certain goal directed.

The Motivation Analysis Of Mcdonalds Hr Policies Business Essay Introduction. Motivation at work is viewed increasingly as being a significant factor in contributing to a company’s overall success in achieving corporate goals.

What are the key factors which help motivate employees in KFC? Literature Review. The two-factor theory (also known as motivation-hygiene theory) (Herzberg et al,) reveal that a satisfied employee in the organisation may be dissatisfied but this dissatisfaction does not affect the motivation level.

So, if managers try to remove. They were 22 FACTORS AFFECTING EMPLOYEE'S MOTIVATION IN THE FAST FOOD INDUSTRY: THE CASE OF KFC UK LTD. collected from different books, journal articles, website, Reasons to choose the work at KFC published dissertation papers of the graduates etc.

This report aims to critically evaluate two process theories of motivation which is the Expectancy Theory by Victor Vroom and the Equity Theory by John Stacy Adams. The methodologies used in this report include a study and analysis of textbooks, writings and journals from the internet.


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Mohammad Kamal HossainI, Anowar HossainII, National University, Gazipur, Bangladesh;I Brunel University, Uxbridge, United KingdomII the employees leads to poor performance, high employee turnover which .

Motivation theory of kfc
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Key factors which provide motivation to employees in KFC?